River Plate vs Peñarol LIVE ONLINE | Copa Sudamericana

This clash between Uruguayan teams for a place in the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana 2023 seems exciting, given the solvent start that both teams have shown so far this season. In the case of the local team, River Plate is sixth in the Uruguayan First Division after five rounds (G2, E2, P1) and has been forceful in its two games at Parque Federico Omar Saroldi so far (G2).

Those two wins came after winning the break and achieving five of the six goals for the team in the league, which has also kept a clean sheet in three of its last four official matches. Surely River Plate will need his virtues in both areas to beat a rival that has resisted them since 2020 (E4, P2) and has not fallen to Federico Omar Saroldi since 2019 (E3).

These previous results can give Peñarol a lot of confidence, since the Uruguayan team has also started the First Division like a shot, leading the competition without having lost any game (G4, E1) and being an offensive gale that averages more than two goals scored per game (11 total goals), leading the league in that statistic.

In simple words, Peñarol is having more ‘punch’ than all its rivals, but if it does not improve defensively, this exchange of blows is a game that, being very fun for the fans, can turn against it, since the six goals conceded by Peñarol in the first five rounds is one of the highest numbers in the top half of the table.

Players to watch: Hernán Rivero, a newcomer to River Plate from Peñarol, has made a name for himself in his new team and has scored in both of River’s home wins, putting his team ahead with his goals in both games. The young Matías Arezo is being a gale, since he has managed to score in four of Peñarol’s five games in 2023, adding a total of six goals in those games.

Outstanding fact: Four of the five official matches of River Plate and Peñarol in 2023 had the same outcome at halftime as at the end of the match.